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Elegante attaccatura Vetro Vaso
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Colore: Trasparente
Elegante attaccatura Vetro Vaso (128035750)
Caricamento in corso
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Elegante attaccatura Vetro Vaso #35750


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* Spedizione rapida: 3-6 giorni
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Fondata nel 2007, JJ's House è il rivenditore online leader mondiale di abiti da sposa, abiti per eventi speciali, abiti da festa di nozze, Vestiti di moda e accessori. I clienti possono sfogliare la vasta linea di selezione e scegliere i loro vestiti preferiti con grande soddisfazione.

Codice Prodotto #35750 Categoria Bottiglia
Temi giardino tema Stagione Primavera, Inverno, Estate, Autunno
Materiale Vetro Colore Mostrato Trasparente
Altezza Approssimatova 4 3/4" (12 cm) Diametro Approssimativa 3 1/8" (8 cm)
Confezione Confezione scatola con inserto in poliuretano
Suggerimenti Perfetto per la vostra doccia giardino matrimonio a tema, I fiori non sono inclusi. Le sabbie non sono inclusi.
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This vase is so wonderful and I like it so much. I used it to decorate my bedroom which could let me have a good mood. Thank you for your good job!

I have never thought that I could get such lovely items from an unfamiliar website! The glass vases are all lovely and beautiful! I will soon plant some small flowers in them and hang them on! Thanks!

Super cute and exactly what I expected (if not better). I put a little spider plant inside and hung in my kitchen, but have seen lots of ideas on line for these little gems.

this is the first time I met such a kind of vase, and it was really well designed, and creative. of course, very beautiful. I was glad to see that the price was half the original price, really worthy to get some.

Oh, this vase is really amazing, and this is the first time I saw such a vase, and it is really beautiful and creative. And you guys are considerate, packed them very carefully so that I can get all of them in good condition.

They are delicate and beautiful!!! they are well packaged and intact. I will use them to give my friends as their Christmas presents. I think they will love them very much.Thank you .They are really cheap.

I have ordered this beautiful vase from JJ's House for my daughter for her new home. It was beautiful and very well made. Their online customer support answered all my questions with live chat. Thank you!!!

I guess the nice hanging glass vase was newly put on sale because i have been putting my attention to your website while it appeared within my sight just recently. I happened to need some special things to decorate a wedding which was in the charge of me. You really have done me a big favor.