Which Poses Make You Look Better in your Wedding Photo?

Whether you are a bride, groom, or a guest, the odds you will find yourself in front of a camera are pretty big. So, everyone wants to look good, right? There are certain tricks as well as photo pose that can make you look fantastic. Ready to practice a bit?

Everyone Has the Best Side

No one’s face is perfectly symmetrical. That is why you should find out which side of your face is better for taking a picture. Is it left or right? To practice, take a few selfies, and ask your friend what she or he thinks. That is how you will look perfect in your wedding photos.

Hollywood Poses

If you need a photo pose advice, then turn to Hollywood stars. They know the secrets of how to look slimmer, relaxed, and most of all, to enhance all the beauty. Try the classic red carpet poses. Stand rotated by 45 degrees away from the camera, elongate and cross your leg with the foot pointed at the cameraman. If you really want to look like a superstar, put your hand on the hip.

Chin Problems

A double chin can ruin every picture. If you have a round or oval face, you should slightly angle down your chin. Elongate your neck by moving the head forward, but try not to overdo it, since it can look pretty fake.

Natural Smile and Relaxed Face

Instead of practicing a big fake smile, just be you. Smile as you smile at your partner’s everyday jokes. Relax your face and try to work on every muscle. If the photoshoot takes too much time, then don’t forget to do a little reset. Just relax your neck and face completely, before retaking photos.

Arms Business

The key to faking the size of your arms is to keep them away from your body. If they are smushed against your body, they can easily appear larger than they really are, and you certainly don’t want that. Put them on the hips, or hold the wedding bouquet in front of you. Just make sure they are slightly lifted away from your body.

Strike a (Straight) Pose

All these tips won’t even count if you don’t stand straight. You need to find your photo pose and to put your shoulders back. Great posture will also make you look happier, fit, and most of all, confident. Think about ballerinas and their lovely straight posture. You can do it!

Smile with Your Eyes

Tyra Banks has one pretty easy suggestion – instead of smiling wide with your mouth, smile with your eyes. Your eyes will squint, making you look cute and your photos wonderful. The results will be great – even if you are not actually smiling.

Relax and Have Fun

After all, don’t forget to be yourself. If your poses and smiles are fake, the camera will see that. The best pictures are those that aren’t made to be. Always look for candid moments and enjoy your wedding day.

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