What Do Wedding Bouquets Mean?

The wedding day is one of the most (if not the most) important day in your life. You want everything to look perfect, and every detail should be well-chosen, and so the wedding bouquet.

Even if you are not aware, flowers carry deep symbolism over the decades. You have probably heard your grandmother or mom saying that yellow roses mean joy and friendship, haven’t you?

Therefore, if every flower tells its story, then you should probably be careful when picking them for your wedding bouquet. That is why we are here to let you know how you can make a gorgeous bouquet with symbolism that suits both you and your partner.

Short Wedding Bouquet History

In Roman times, wedding bouquets were made of aromatic herbs to associate with fertility. Along with them, the bride and groom were wearing garlic and other herbs around their necks to ward off the evil spirits. Interesting, right?

After Queen Victoria carried the bouquet of fresh flowers and a few herbs, this custom became more and more popular among the couples.

Symbolism was determined in Victorian times when lovers were telling stories through flowers. Let’s see how to pick the right flowers for your bouquet.


Hydrangea, whether in a bouquet or alone, represent luxury and great beauty. It’s flower associates with honesty, gratitude, and honest emotions. This flower, as well as its leaves, can be used in both wedding bouquets and decoration.


If you are interested in adding a bit of color splash to your wedding bouquet, then go for a ranunculus. These flowers represent charm and lux while still making your bouquet look incredible and unique.


Some of the most popular flowers for the wedding bouquet are definitely peonies. They symbolize beauty, romance, wealth, and honor. And while in Ancient Greece this flower meant to shame and modesty, as it was used to hide the intimate parts of the body, in the Chinese language, it means ‘the most beautiful.’


Roses represent a traditional way of showing off affection. There is nothing chicer than a bouquet of roses on your wedding day.  Roses in different colors mean different things, but let’s round them up – joy, friendship, love, and beauty.


Tulips, in whatever color you choose, have a specific dose of charm and elegance. They associate with passion and love. For your wedding bouquet pick red tulips, since they represent real and great love or yellow tulips which symbolize cheerfulness and joy.


Anemone flower originates from Greece, and it means ‘windflower.’ If you choose it for your wedding bouquet, make sure they are in lovely pastel pink or white color. These flowers stand for expectation and hope.

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath is not only one of the main part of decor flowers, but it can also be used in your wedding bouquet. It symbolizes the great love between partners, tranquility, as well as simplicity.


Gardenias in white represent purity and joy. The pleasant smell of this flower will be your favorite, making all your guests inhale that gorgeous smell. It looks luxurious, whether it stands alone or in combination with other flowers.

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