What Do Parents Wear In the Wedding?

Wedding day is an important day not only for the bride and groom. It is also the day when your parents are feeling so proud of you and thrilled. Your wedding attire is equally important as your parents look since they want to sparkle and to look at their best.

Depending on the wedding alone, rules, or etiquettes that you determined your parents should choose their look to match all these things. Sometimes, it can be a bit stressful, especially for your fathers, as they are not used to shop, right?

However, that is why we are here to help with some useful tips. Let’s see how your parents can dress for the wedding ceremony.

Fathers of the Bride and Groom

Whether your wedding is more or less formal, your fathers can choose to wear something that suits both their style as well as the wedding. The main rule that should be applied here is – father’s attire should match with the formality of the groomsmen’s outfits. So, if they are dressed more relaxed and casual, go for that kind of items. On the other hand, if they are renting tuxes, then fathers should do the same.

If your wedding is more formal one, then your dads should look equally good as groomsmen as well as the groom itself. However, the same rule works for the bride – try not to overshadow the main stars of the event. Don’t wear the exact same colors as other men guests. Pick something that suits you and try not to go overboard with details and accessories.

For the less formal wedding, pick something that you feel comfortable in. If the wedding is in the summertime, a good pair of linen pants will do amazing work along with the sophisticated button-down. You would also have a chance to experiment with colors, ties, and other accessories.

Mother of the Bride

There are many rules about choosing the mother of the bride dress. However, you can or can’t apply them, but we always recommend talking to your daughter first and hearing out her wishes.

If your daughter wants the mother of the bride dress to match with decor, the etiquette of the wedding ceremony or bridesmaid dresses, then you should do it like that. Wait for the bridesmaids to pick their own dresses and then go for your own.

We suggest going with lace details, knee-length dresses, and neutral, (both dark and light) shades. You can come with the bridesmaids and choose the dress along with them, so there wouldn’t be any problems after all.

Mother of the Groom

Mother of the groom dress should be picked after the mother of the bride. This rule serves as a guide, not to choose the exact same dress.

You should opt for a different color than the bridesmaids and mother of the groom dress. However, the color, as well as the style, should compliment the MOB dress. You can always consult the mother of the bride and bride and ask for the advice.

If the MOB dress is in navy-blue, you can go with light blue or grey. Pick dresses with elegant and sophisticated details and always wear something comfortable. Although parents look can be various, these rules help you to pick your attires easier and with less stress. Don’t forget to relax and to enjoy the most important day in your life.

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