Several Tips to Design Your Invitation Card of Wedding

Wedding card for the big day should revile just enough for your guests to know what to expect. Many couples opt for hand-made or custom-made invitations that match the wedding decor.

We suggest working on with professional designers, though. You can always add something of your own DIY, but let the designers do the rest of the work. From paper pick to the fonts – everything counts.

If you still want to go custom for your wedding invitations, here are some design tips that can help you make beautiful and unique invitations, along with the designers.

Start Early

The same rule about starting early can be applied to the whole wedding planning process. Start early with your wedding invitations in order to make them look gorgeous. However, you should know all the main things before letting them into print – location of the venue, time, menu, and other things you need to put on them.

Think About The Colors and Style

You will need to have a general idea about how your wedding card should look before speaking with a designer. Which colors are your favorite? Do you want to incorporate them into your wedding invitations? How much embellishments and details you want to include and where? These wedding invitations can be a great way to round up your wedding ceremony decor. That is why you should consider all these things before starting creating them with a designer.

Research Wedding Sites and Social Media

Before even thinking about style and colors, do a though and through research. You can explore wedding designer sites, make Pinterest boards with your favorites, or simply check out those bridal newspapers. Consult with your friends that already have gone through this process. Maybe they know someone that would be perfect for helping you.

Easy to Read Invitations

Make sure your invitations have an easy-to-read font as well as the background. Don’t match these two things since it will only make your invitations hard to read and dull.

Certain fonts, although nice looking, are not so easy to read. So, before sending your invitations to print, make sure to consult with the designer about the fonts, and ask your closest friends and family what they think about them.

Match the Motifs

If your wedding has beach motifs, then you should consider putting on your wedding invitations some seashells or make them blue. You should match the styles but always consult your designer first.

Size and Shape

Believe it or not, the shape and size of your wedding card can be various. Choosing between modern and traditional is the place to start. Modern invitations are made in rectangular, origami, square shape. You should match it with the envelopes as well.

Set Deadline

You should consider that you would need not only time to design your invitations, but also to deliver them to all your guests. In some countries, the custom is for the couple to go from guest to guest to give them cards. This can take some time, so be aware.

Print can also take longer than you think, especially if you have a lot of guests. After considering all these facts, set a reasonable deadline, just in case there are some last-minute changes.

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