Silhouette: Trumpet/Mermaid

Dress ID: #67203

Color: Ivory


By Paul Holmes

You and me alone
Madness of world locked away
Peace and quiet reigns

—-Haiku About Spending Time With The One You Love

Stephanie and Luke’s wedding was on July 12th. Come check out how she chose her wedding gown and the love against midsummer heat!

1. Bride + Groom’s Name

Stephanie and Luke Gabriel.

2. When was the wedding day?


3. How did you choose your wedding dress?

I initially went to a few local shops to see what style and fit I liked best, but after seeing the prices and finding that they were never going to fit into my budget I started to look elsewhere.

4. How did you feel in your dress?

Amazingly comfortable, very few alterations were needed.

5. What made you choose JJsHouse?

I had previously used JJsHouse for a gown I wore to the Marine ball and had remembered seeing the wide selection, after scouring they had the best selection of the fit/type I wanted, and the customer sizing made life a whole lot easier.

6. What was your favorite moment of that day?

Showing my husband my dress for the first time and saying our vows.

7. Three words to sum up the wedding day:

Epic, Glorious, Fun.

8. What’s your best tip for dressing on the Big Day to share with other brides or bridesmaids?

Be mindful of the venue and the season, it can get surprisingly hot in those dresses. And make sure you are comfortable in it, you are dressing for one of the best days of your life, but you don’t want to worry about the dress at all on the day… there were times I almost forgot what I was wearing as I was more just in the moment.


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