How to Propose Romantically?

Since the proposal is once in a lifetime event, it deserves to have a special place in your and your partner’s heart. After thinking about how to propose your partner and buying a ring, it is time to think about where to do it. Does this concern you? Don’t worry – we have gathered some of the best propose ideas.

For some people, a romantic proposal is the must-have, while others would like to do it in the comfort of their home, private and without public.

will you marry me?

Ask For Help

The cutest creatures on Earth are babies and animals. So, why don’t you ask them to ‘help’ you propose? Dogs can carry a small sign with the question written on. We can only imagine how your partner will react! Make sure to make the question unique and to be creative as much as you can. The little dog will do the rest of the work.

a cute dog

Family Gatherings

If you would like to pop a question in front of family, do it while having casual dinner. You can propose a toast and surprise everyone. Not only your partner, but the whole family will remember this moment forever. Your family gatherings will never be the same again.

Be Creative with a Poem

If you are a romantic soul as well as your partner, don’t hesitate to propose with a handwritten poem. You can write a love song on your own or mix some of your favorite song lyrics into one. Your partner will undoubtedly be amazed by your creative side.


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Propose in the Air

You should be very brave to propose your partner up in the air. However, if you would really like to make it unique, rent a hot air balloon ride or do it while traveling on the plane. Work with the flight attendants to make this surprise even more enjoyable! All the passengers will certainly enjoy it!

Proposal at the Concert

Even though many people decide to pop a question on concerts, this is still one of the most romantic ways to propose. If you are a fan of some band or artist that is performing in your city, make sure to contact them and ask them for help. They are usually more than happy to help couples get engaged.

Proposal at the Concert

Romantic Dinner

While some proposal ideas must have public around, you can always opt for something private. If you are not a fan of public places, then make sure you recreate a restaurant in the comfort of your home. Be a chief of the evening, and let your partner enjoy. When she or he is at least expecting, you should pop the question, or serve your ring with the desert.

Scavenger Hunt for a Ring

This proposal idea might require more organization, but you can be sure it will amaze your partner. With the help of your family and friends plan a scavenger hunt for your partner and plant small things along the way so she/he can find it. However, the last clue should be you, with a ring.

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