How to Pick a Wedding Tie?

We all know how tricky picking the wedding dress and other details can be. However, grooms also have a hard task before them – choosing the right suit and groom tie is something that should be done thoroughly.

Since there can be many questions about the fabric of the tie, color, and style, we have created an easy guide for you to look at. Every time you get confused, just check out our tips and everything will be much more clear.

Wedding Tie

Types of Wedding Neckties

Ties don’t suit all men equally. There are different types that you can opt for to make a perfect match with your wedding suit.

  • Standard Necktie

This type is perfect for traditional wedding attire. It is around 3.5 inches wide and 57 inches long. If you have a task to pick the perfect tie for your father or father-in-law, these are the ones you should go for.

  • Skinny Necktie

In the last few years, skinny neckties took the throne from standard ones. They surely look modern and more trendy. With their 2 inches wide appearance, they are perfect for younger generations, Millenials and anybody who likes to combine a modern and traditional way of dressing.

  • Super Long Necktie

Depending on the men’s height, the necktie should go right above the beltline. Tall grooms, groomsmen or fathers should look for extra long neckties to compliment their style. You don’t want to look silly with a short tie, right?

Wedding Neckties

Types of Bow Ties

Black bow ties are traditionally worn with the tuxedo. However, over the years, patterned and colorful bow ties took place over the classic ones. You can pick both! There are two types of bow ties that you can decide for.

  • Pre-Tied Bow Tie

Pre-tied collars come with a clip-on, so your only task is to put it around the neck. They are adjustable, so you don’t need to worry about bow tie moving around. The clips can be attached on both sides of the shirt neckline.

  • Self-Tie Bow Tie

Self-tie bow ties are for those who know how to do it themselves. In some countries, it represents a form of tradition to tie a groom’s tie. However, make sure your groomsmen know how to tie it since it is not the same as for the cravat. 

Bow Ties

How to Choose the Right Color

There are not enough wedding tips that can show you how to pick a perfect tie color. You can match the color with the bridesmaid dresses, your groomsmen or simply pick something with your bride that both of you find interesting. If you opt for traditional style and color go for black, silver, metallic or burgundy. Don’t hesitate to go for patterns as well.

How to Choose the Right Fabric

Picking the fabric of not only tie but also the whole wedding attire should be according to the season. If your wedding is in winter – wool, tweed or cashmere are the right choices. However, in the summertime, you can opt for linen, cotton, and other lightweight materials that will keep you casual.

Other than these, the most used materials for neckties are polyester and silk. Always consult with someone when buying – choosing the right type of silk or polyester is crucial.

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