❤8 wedding themes for your reference❤

Picking the wedding theme is one of the trickiest, yet fantastic things you need to do before the wedding day.

While some couples like romantic themes with pastel shades, others like modern, minimalistic themes with basic colors and chic details.

Are you ready for some wedding decor inspiration?

wedding decor

Romantic Wedding Theme

Venue Ideas: For romantic theme opt for big ballrooms, outdoor gardens or big halls

How It Looks Like: Soft, blush hues, silver or gold cutlery, delicate flower decor, and fine lighting.

Since a romantic theme should be all about love, you should opt for pastel shades, a lot of roses or a whole wall of flowers. If you choose an outdoor wedding, make sure to have a lot of greenery, fresh herbs and to make an isle of petals.

Vintage Wedding Theme

Venue Ideas: an old barn, courthouse, or vintage-inspired ballroom

How It Looks Like: the vintage theme is full of Victorian-era details, antiques, crochet, and layers of lace.

Some of the most important things about the vintage theme are old furniture and crochet lace. Make your wedding venue into some old, renovated barn, add interesting napkins, old cutlery, and finish off with white roses. Make space for an old typewriter and ask your guests to leave a note.

Wedding  Decoration

Modern Wedding Theme

Venue Ideas: modernly designed ballrooms, gardens in the middle of the city, and lofts

How It Looks Like: clean lines, minimal lace and tulle materials, geometric shapes, gold or silver decor details.

If you are interested in making your wedding modern and chic, opt for this theme. Perfect color coordination, clean and geometric lines, and interesting table decor – that is how you can amaze all your guests. Eucalyptus greenery, roses or peonies in white should find a central place on the tables.

Rustic Wedding Theme

Venue Ideas: outdoors, intimate barn

How It Looks Like: DIY decor items, linen cloths, string lights, mason jars, and wood seats.

If you would like to make your own wedding decor, the rustic theme would be the perfect one to start with. Linen cloths with mason jars and candles in the middle will make the rustic theme work. You can also add some greenery, wildflowers, or stay minimal – just small bouquets here and there. 

Rustic Wedding Theme

Bohemian Wedding Theme

Venue Ideas: outdoors, beach, riverside, garden

How It Looks Like: ratan chairs, a lounge for guests, mismatched bridesmaid dresses, oriental rugs.

Bohemian weddings can look really gorgeous. Opting for this theme means your wedding will take place outdoor. All your guests should remain cool and carefree, simply enjoying small things such as cocktails and colorful flower decor.

Tropical Wedding Theme

Venue Ideas: outdoors, beach, and garden

How It Looks Like: palms fronds, beach cocktails, colorful fans for guests, barefoot newlyweds, flamingos on the cake.

Many couples opt for beach weddings. The tropical theme is logical for this location, so don’t hesitate to add many palm fronds to your guest’s tables. Don’t forget the trademark of this theme – refreshing, colorful cocktails.

Art-Deco Wedding Theme

Venue Ideas: buildings made in art-deco architecture, museums, ballrooms

How It Looks Like: gold, sequins, sharp lines, and oversized fonts – all around glitz.

Great Gatsby is always a good book for finding some decor inspiration. The art-deco style looks luxurious, it is all about sequins and sophisticated decor. Opt for jewel tones, gold cloths, and jazz glamour.

Art-Deco Wedding Theme

Country Wedding Theme

Venue Ideas: ranch, old barn, and garden

How it Looks Like: cowboy boots should definitely be considered as preferred shoes, pies instead of cakes, barrels instead of tables, and old car for a pickup.

Inspired by the American West, this theme will certainly make your guests enjoy. You can let them know that cowboy boots are allowed, as well as the flag. Make a cute lounge with barrels, benches, and decorate everything with vintage lace.

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