8 Popular Wedding Destinations

Some couples decide to exchange vows away from their homes. Since there are a lot of gorgeous wedding places, sometimes they find it hard to choose where they should say yes.

From tropical to mountain regions – everything counts when you want to surprise your guests. Even though far-away wedding destinations require thorough research and preparations, the memories you will get there will be forever in your and the minds of your guests.

These are some of our picks that are super popular travel and wedding destinations.


Hawaii islands are not only great travel locations but also one of the popular destinations where newlyweds say their vows. Even if it seems they are the end of the world, long flights haven’t stopped many couples to organize their beach weddings there. From luxurious hotels to the open beaches – you decide where to make memories.


Santorini is one of the most gorgeous Greek islands. Famous for both parties and beautiful scenery, it is also a fabulous wedding destination. Match your long wedding gown with the color of houses on this lovely Greek island and get married on the rooftop with a gorgeous view of the sea.


The anagram of Rome is Amore, which means Love in Italian. Therefore, no surprise why so many couples decide to go there with their guests and get married. Narrow streets, cobblestone, and famous Trevi Fountain, Spanish Stairs, and of course, Colosseum will leave both you and your guests breathless.


If there is anyone who didn’t wish to get married in the city of lights, let us know. Paris is an eternal inspiration for many artists, as well as a popular wedding destination. Finding a perfect place to get married in this lovely city shouldn’t be a hard task. Eiffel tower, Notre-Dam, or Arc de Triomphe – it will be hard to choose.

Amalfi Coast

Another popular place in Italy is the Amalfi coast with all its areas, villages, and small cities. If you have sparkling water, lovely evenings, and colorful houses in mind, then inform your guests you will get married on Italy’s coast.


A mix of cultures, vibrant colors, and exotic spices – sound familiar? We are talking about Marrakesh. Pick some garden, hotel, or simply some rooftop to say your vows. You will enjoy lovely summer temperatures all year, while exotic spices scents will stimulate all your senses.

The Bahamas

It might be hard to choose over 700 islands of Bahamas, but trust us – you simply can’t be wrong. Coral sand beaches and aquamarine water will make your dreamy beach wedding destination come true. Flights from Miami take only one hour, so you know what to do!

Las Vegas

If you want to get married by an Elvis lookalike, then head to Las Vegas. Couples opt for this place if they don’t want any guests, but only a chapel and an Elvis priest. However, this is still one of the most popular wedding destinations. Along with this option, Sin city opts a lot of hotels, bars, and places where you can tie the knots.

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